Probably the Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Last night I went to see Rings, a spin off of  The Ring. When I was in about 4th grade I accidentally saw The Ring. This was probability the worst idea for an 8 year old to do, this film horrified me so much as a child. For at least 6 months I slept in my mothers bed, and for about 2 years I was scared some chick was going to crawl through my TV.


Stupid right? After my horrific fascination of The Ring I watched the original Japanese version that terrified me for a few more years. Sometimes kids do stupid things, this is an instance.


The whole point of the blog post is to tell you how awful Rings is. PLEASE DO NOT GO SEE IT!! The original film ruined my childhood, but this spinoff makes ‘The 700 Club’ seem entertaining.


I fell asleep twice. TWICE. My friend had to keep waking me up but I also had to keep waking her up. I could honestly hear snores throughout the entire theater.It also didn’t help that we were in the fancy reclining chairs. They also tried to tie in some weird religious symbolism that was not present in the 1st film. A film about a video that can kill someone 7 days after watching doesn’t work in this technological world either. I honestly can’t wrap my mind around how awful this movie was.

Never see A PG-13 horror film that has a 7% on rotten tomatoes. Rant over.

I should have seen Split instead, DAMNIT.



Body Shaming Lady GaGa

Over the weekend was the 51st Super Bowl, great time to get with a bunch of friends eat food and drink American beer. Too bad I missed the whole thing for work, but I honestly didn’t even know who was playing until it was over and I checked my social media. There was one thing that really bothered me that came across my Facebook after work. blog-post-4

I’m sorry, but waaaaaaaaaaaattttt????????????? If Lady GaGa has a belly roll than I must have the whole damn bakery. This is a giant slap across the face to any woman that is over a size 2. Guess what? That is definitely the majority of America. Lady GaGa responded in a tasteful way as well.screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-3-39-19-pm

I’m not a giant fan or anything but I am a fan of showing respect towards other people’s bodies. Body shaming is not okay rather someone is criticizing how fat or skinny another person is, it’s their body. Especially when nones body is the same, there is not a specific measurement of the perfect body, nor is it anyone’s business.

This should be a great example for little girls that it is okay to be comfortable in your own skin. According to National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the US. Body shaming is one of the results of this problem of eating disorders. I’m proud to say that Lady GaGa has always recorded music that represents being comfortable in your own body, and I hope that she continues to do so.

P.S. She is still hot.

Why Graduation Scares the Sh*t Out of Me…..

A few months from now I will be walking at graduation from the University of Louisville (well hopefully). The past 5 years of my life have been amazing, and I am honestly bittersweet about it ending. I’m not upset it’s ending because I will loose friendships or because I have developed great relationships with some professors. I am upset because the real world scares the living shit out of me…….


I have been in school for over 19 years, 19 YEARS. I cannot be the only person feeling this overwhelming anxiety that my institutionalized security blanket will be ripped off come May. My everyday routine will suddenly change, and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. My friends who are engineers or in nursing school are already talking about their new careers and how everything is perfectly planned out, WOW they seem like real adults. Yet I still call my mommy when I just paid rent and now only have $5 in my bank account and am sick of eating peanut butter sandwiches.


It’s not just the real world either, I will honestly miss the college atmosphere. Being surrounded by educated individuals will be greatly missed. Staying up until 7 a.m. to write a paper will not be, but the feeling after the paper is complete will be. So maybe I should apply for graduate school? It has been an idea that I think about on regular basis. Why not? Maybe i’ll do internships for a year and return to grad school. Or maybe an internship will help me figure out what I want to do with my life.

I know any adult that reads this will laugh at me, because my 34 year old brother does every time I bring it up, but I will seriously take advice from anyone.

Is Graffiti Art?

Before moving to Louisville a few years ago I had a strong bias against graffiti and the artists who produced it. Not only did I think it was a bunch of hooligans running around but I automatically associated graffiti with gang violence. Once I met a few artists I realized it has nothing to do with gangs, but the big question is should it be considered art?

Vandalism is something that I have never been a victim of, but would be really pissed if I owned a business and someone destroyed the side of it with a tag. Such as this

When talking to graffiti artist Wisk he says that a tag takes no effort and is just a quick way to get the artist’s name out, an actual piece is where the art is.

 Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.34.55 PM.png
He says a piece like this will take around 45 minutes depending on how many colors are used. It also takes a lot of practice and planning to pull something this large off. There is also no room for mistakes.
Graffiti is an up and coming art form with famous names such as Banksy and will continue to change as more and more artists come about. Many pieces also have a big political stance and is a way of protesting.
No matter what my opinion is or anyone else’s,is art is subjective, and it differs through anyone’s outlook on life.

Voodoo Economics EP Release

A few weekends ago I attended Voodoo Economics EP release for their album Acting Funny. This Louisville local band consists of Shane O’Bryan (vocalist), Bailey Sommer (bassets), and John Torstrick (drummer). They are categorized as Indie/Alternative rock, but I would say they have a Punk Rock feel based upon the “rowdiness” of the crowd.


The show was at Zanzabar, on Preston, a place that has been around since 1938. Not only does this bar serve as a venue but also has food and arcade games. I have been to Z bar plenty of times before but as soon as I walked into the door the atmosphere seemed different than usual. I am used to Saturday night Z bar with local DJ’s such at Glitertiz preforming, or the tame Smithmas they have twice a year, this time it seemed to be filled with more angst.

As the drinks started pouring and the crowd waited for Voodoo to take the stage I knew this experience would be a lot different than Z bar shows I have been to before. The vocalist started out with an interesting introduction to get everyone riled up and didn’t take long before a mosh pit was formed. There is a lot of encouragement during their shows to act as ridiculous as possible, and almost forget about the serious lives we live outside of Z bar’s small walls.


Once the guitar rift started there was instant crowd surfing and bodies hanging from the rafters. This is the best part of going to punk shows, the experience. Not only is Voodoo Economics great at entertaining a crowd but their EP lives up to their performance. This show also showed me how versatile Z bar’s entertainment can be and will keep me coming back for more.

Voodoo Economics are now available on Spotify!

Blog Assignment #10

Last week I decided to unplug myself from the internet and my cell phone for half of a day. I would have done a full day but I had Spanish homework due on blackboard by midnight. I have experienced being without a phone before, due to my clumsiness and dropping things in the toilet, but being without the internet all together was a very strange new experience for me.

One of the very first things I noticed was I had to wear a watch, usually I just look at the time on my phone. Going on break at work became very boring since all I could do was sit there without playing on social media, I would also have to constantly get up to check the time and make sure I wasn’t late on my break, after work was when I decided to put on the watch.

The worst part about it was coming home to my roommates watching Netflix. At first I really couldn’t think of anything to do, so I just read my textbooks for some exams I had next week.

I connected with Jenna Wortham when she was talking about the anxiety of not having a phone. While on break at work I just kept thinking about, “I wonder what my roommates are doing, I wonder if we will do anything tonight. Should I bring them home food?” Her article also made me go through my own social media when I was finished with unplugging. How come all of my pictures are only of big things happening in my life? Why do pictures that other people post make me slightly jealous when they are studying abroad? Having the realization that people only post what they want others to see, gives me a sense that social media can be terribly shallow.

John Peters brought to my attention on just how connected I am with my phone. For instance on my work break I caught myself accidentally listening to customers conversations, when normally I would be engaged in some social media. Last night I caught myself accidentally ignoring my boyfriend while on my phone. Apparently he was trying to have a conversation and I just completely didn’t hear him.

Watching my friends with their phones have brought “the connection” to my attention as well. Over the summer my best friend dropped her iPhone in the ocean while we were on vacation. She was so distraught, but not over the phone itself, over the fact that she lost all of the pictures taken on vacation and she couldn’t upload them onto Instagram.

All of these experiences have taught me just how much we depend upon social media, our phones, and the internet. It also made me realize how this is a new indulgence. I can’t imagine what it was like when my mom was growing up without these technologies. Our world today has become very interested in what others are doing around us, and it has shown through sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Blog Assignment #9

I first realized that my information was being recorded my freshman year of college. A banner advertisement on the side of my Facebook revealed that one of my favorite bands was playing in Louisville. Being ignorant to the whole concept of “Big Brother” watching me, I just assumed it was a coincidence. As more and more advertisements popped up concerning my various interests, and when the media started talking more about personal privacy, I finally realized someone or something was tracking my data. It’s not that big of a concern to me currently. I actually like getting advertisements for stuff I would enjoy. There are some annoyances though, for instance if I accidentally check out some hideous shoes on Amazon, I will get advertisements for shoes for weeks, and it gets extremely annoying. It’s also just unsettling knowing someone is keeping tabs on you. I have nothing to hide, but privacy is a human right.

Directly after we had the privacy discussion in class last week, I went home and unliked several things on Facebook. Many of the things were likes from High school, or stupid things I don’t want employers to see, or had forgotten about entirely. That is another huge aspect to privacy. In this day and age I have to be completely unbiased and respectful on social media, due to any future employer seeing what I post. The safest thing possible is to not post anything as all. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is wonderful employers are checking on their applicants, younger kids just need to be more aware of it.

I also downloaded Ghostery, and found some amazing results. Contrary to my belief that Facebook would have the most companies tracking information, it was my phone provider’s web sight.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.43.43 PM

34 results is the most I have seen since downloading this app. Facebook isn’t even half as much as T-mobil. The top web sight was, from the article you posted, with 53 trackers.

If you are not doing anything you need to hide, tracking is of no concern in my opinion. The concern is that these companies have such easy access to our information and are making a profit off of it. We have a right to security, meaning opting out of the tracking should be made a clear option.