Last week apparently I was sleeping walking, and i’m not sure if I should be worried or not.


I live in a shotgun house where the front door is in my roommates bedroom, and my room is the backdoor. I really don’t remember any of it but I must have dressed myself (when I went to bed I was in pajamas), grabbed my laptop, went through her room, unlocked the front door bolt lock, went and stood in the front yard leaving the front door open, and then walked inside to my roommate waking me up.


Should I be worried? I have past history of sleep walking when I was a child. Doing the same things, trying to walk out the front door. The most recent time I slept walked was last Spring, but that was due to heavy drinking.


The bad thing is that I live next to the interstate and could potentially walk into on coming traffic, or do something else insane.


I have researched sleepwalking an apparently it has to do with sleep deprivation or some type of anxiety in your life. Both of which describe my life perfectly. Does anyone else experience this problem? Or have a funny story?


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