10 Memes That Perfectly Describe My Sernioritis

  1. The procrastination struggle is real. Can now type a 2 page paper in an hour without reading the article.


2. I have never felt more lazy yet busy in my entire life.


3. A 10 page paper due tomorrow morning at 9am you say?


Or lie in bed until you have no time to shower and make it to class on time.

4. Professor: You should join our club and i’ll give extra credit



Just want to get out of here as fast as possible.

5. Check Facebook every 10 minutes while I study/ sit in class/ try to concentrate on a paper.


Who am I kidding? There is no concentration.

6. All I want to do is nap, my university needs a safe place for a nap.


7. How I look in every class this semester.


8. But then again there is that constant fear of what to do after graduation.


9. And looking through my agenda and finding out I didn’t write down any of my due dates.


Turns out I didn’t write anything at all in my agenda this semester.

10. When I realize after I graduate I have to start paying back my student loans.


Only 6 months until I start looking this sad.


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