Get Out

Last night I went to see the new horror film, Get Out, for $5 movie Tuesday. Not only am I impressed with the fact that I can drink a beer in a reclining chair at the movies now, but this is probably the best horror film I have seen in a few years.


This film defied all of the rules to horror movies that Scream demonstrated, such as the black guy being the main character and living until the end (spoiler alert). Not to mention it is challenging some of the biggest problems happening in our country today: systematic racism and interracial couples. Kind of a big fuck you to people who believe we live in a post racial society and like to ignore their white privilege.


Although, there were some downfalls to the film in my opinion such as it being labeled a horror film when it should have been labeled suspense. It wasn’t scary, there wasn’t enough blood, and it should have had more intense murder scenes, but again I am a huge horror film fan. getout

Another great thing about the film was how much it made me laugh, I would definitely consider it a dark comedy as well. Definitely deserved a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, I would recommend this movie to anyone.



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