5 Reasons Why The Office is Better than Parks and Rec

  1. Leslie Nope is Annoyinggiphy

I apologize to anyone who looks up to her as a role model but she is way too happy, no one is that happy. She is a very strong woman and I support her in that aspect but could never been in the same room for more than 10 minutes.

2. Michael Scott cares about his job more than anything, but he is completely terrible at it. Compared to Leslie who is really annoying about her job. I think Michael brings more humor towards an everyday average job.


3. Nothing can compare to Dwight Schrute’s character


No character in Parks and Rec is on the same level of Dwight. He is witty, weird, and wacky.

4. The openings of The Office are always incredible

The fire drill opening of The Office will forever be my favorite opening in any TV show ever. I think the 2,000,000 Youtube views would agree with me.

5. Jim and Pam’s relationship > Leslie and Ben’s

The buildup to Jim and Pam getting together kept me engaged. Leslie and Ben’s was annoying and stupid. Do I really have to explain myself?


Jim and Pam’s wedding episode actually made me cry, even though I hate to admit it.


I’m sure I will completely be scrutinized for this post like I was on Facebook.


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