The Cure Lounge

Last weekend I took my first visit to The Cure Lounge for emo night. What I expected was a bunch of whiny high schoolers that still shopped at Hot Topic, what actually happened was pleasing.


Usually I would expect a bunch of emotional teenagers at this type of event but it turned out being people my age enjoying the nostalgic emo hits of the late 90’s and 2000. Not to mention how huge this bar is compared to the looks outside, and a full stage in the back. They even had vendors selling art, jewelry, ect.


On the full stage was Louisville’s own local freak show. Lots of burlesque, drag, and people stapling things to their chest. Definitely something I have never been exposed too but very entertaining. Not only was it spacious on the inside but the outside patio could hold many people during the summertime and provides a great mural to look at.


But I haven’t told you the best thing yet, NEW WAVE BURRITOS is served through their kitchen. If you have never tried New Wave, please do. They deliver, that is probably my selling point and because their burritos are pretty addicting. In all I give The Cure 4 stars, will definitely be returning.


Enjoy one of my favorite annoying emo songs of my childhood.



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