Is Graffiti Art?

Before moving to Louisville a few years ago I had a strong bias against graffiti and the artists who produced it. Not only did I think it was a bunch of hooligans running around but I automatically associated graffiti with gang violence. Once I met a few artists I realized it has nothing to do with gangs, but the big question is should it be considered art?

Vandalism is something that I have never been a victim of, but would be really pissed if I owned a business and someone destroyed the side of it with a tag. Such as this

When talking to graffiti artist Wisk he says that a tag takes no effort and is just a quick way to get the artist’s name out, an actual piece is where the art is.

 Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.34.55 PM.png
He says a piece like this will take around 45 minutes depending on how many colors are used. It also takes a lot of practice and planning to pull something this large off. There is also no room for mistakes.
Graffiti is an up and coming art form with famous names such as Banksy and will continue to change as more and more artists come about. Many pieces also have a big political stance and is a way of protesting.
No matter what my opinion is or anyone else’s,is art is subjective, and it differs through anyone’s outlook on life.

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