Voodoo Economics EP Release

A few weekends ago I attended Voodoo Economics EP release for their album Acting Funny. This Louisville local band consists of Shane O’Bryan (vocalist), Bailey Sommer (bassets), and John Torstrick (drummer). They are categorized as Indie/Alternative rock, but I would say they have a Punk Rock feel based upon the “rowdiness” of the crowd.


The show was at Zanzabar, on Preston, a place that has been around since 1938. Not only does this bar serve as a venue but also has food and arcade games. I have been to Z bar plenty of times before but as soon as I walked into the door the atmosphere seemed different than usual. I am used to Saturday night Z bar with local DJ’s such at Glitertiz preforming, or the tame Smithmas they have twice a year, this time it seemed to be filled with more angst.

As the drinks started pouring and the crowd waited for Voodoo to take the stage I knew this experience would be a lot different than Z bar shows I have been to before. The vocalist started out with an interesting introduction to get everyone riled up and didn’t take long before a mosh pit was formed. There is a lot of encouragement during their shows to act as ridiculous as possible, and almost forget about the serious lives we live outside of Z bar’s small walls.


Once the guitar rift started there was instant crowd surfing and bodies hanging from the rafters. This is the best part of going to punk shows, the experience. Not only is Voodoo Economics great at entertaining a crowd but their EP lives up to their performance. This show also showed me how versatile Z bar’s entertainment can be and will keep me coming back for more.

Voodoo Economics are now available on Spotify!


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