Blog Assignment #9

I first realized that my information was being recorded my freshman year of college. A banner advertisement on the side of my Facebook revealed that one of my favorite bands was playing in Louisville. Being ignorant to the whole concept of “Big Brother” watching me, I just assumed it was a coincidence. As more and more advertisements popped up concerning my various interests, and when the media started talking more about personal privacy, I finally realized someone or something was tracking my data. It’s not that big of a concern to me currently. I actually like getting advertisements for stuff I would enjoy. There are some annoyances though, for instance if I accidentally check out some hideous shoes on Amazon, I will get advertisements for shoes for weeks, and it gets extremely annoying. It’s also just unsettling knowing someone is keeping tabs on you. I have nothing to hide, but privacy is a human right.

Directly after we had the privacy discussion in class last week, I went home and unliked several things on Facebook. Many of the things were likes from High school, or stupid things I don’t want employers to see, or had forgotten about entirely. That is another huge aspect to privacy. In this day and age I have to be completely unbiased and respectful on social media, due to any future employer seeing what I post. The safest thing possible is to not post anything as all. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is wonderful employers are checking on their applicants, younger kids just need to be more aware of it.

I also downloaded Ghostery, and found some amazing results. Contrary to my belief that Facebook would have the most companies tracking information, it was my phone provider’s web sight.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.43.43 PM

34 results is the most I have seen since downloading this app. Facebook isn’t even half as much as T-mobil. The top web sight was, from the article you posted, with 53 trackers.

If you are not doing anything you need to hide, tracking is of no concern in my opinion. The concern is that these companies have such easy access to our information and are making a profit off of it. We have a right to security, meaning opting out of the tracking should be made a clear option.


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