Blog Assignment #8

Video games are a huge source of entertainment in America today. Personally, I don’t play very many video games, but through the social learning theory, I’ve picked up a few over the years. In 5th grade everyone had a Game Boy, and I decided I needed one too. Watching my friends enjoy playing made me want one even more. Everyone in my class would constantly talk about playing Pokemon, and at that young age, there was definitely a sense of exclusion.

The second time I got addicted to a video game wasn’t until college, when Candy Crush came onto the scene. It was like crack! I could play it anywhere, and everywhere I looked students were partaking as well. There was a point in time when I had 3 friends at my apartment, and we sat in silence playing Candy Crush. This technology had an affect on my communication, but the access to internet through any mobil device has the same affect. It’s not just the video game itself.

As a very small child, I can recall playing “educational” video games on the computer. I think video games actually do have great effect on children in this respect. They can make education more fun for the difficult kids that aren’t receptive to other learning methods. There has been a lot of publicity in the media about children replacing playing outside with video games. I believe this is why children should be monitored when playing video games. It is important they still have a grasp on the things going on in the real world.

Video games also have a big opportunity to mine the niche collector market. When I was in high school my friends were playing with old outdated Game Boys, and compiled ridiculous amounts of old, retro games. Very similar to how vinyl has came back over the past few years. Like all things, video games can have positive and negative effects on our society. It is a neutral technology.


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