Assignment # 7

I remember when my mom got our first home desktop computer. At the time it seemed so sleek and stylish, But I now recall it looking like an industrial copier. At that point and time, I was around 4 or 5, so my only use for a computer was to play online games. But the technology began to evolve before my eyes. CD’s replaced floppy disks, giving an example of the displacement theory. Hardware is largely fluid, constantly one-upping, and making itself obsolete. When I was in elementary school, I remember bringing a floppy disk to school, only to be mocked by my fellow classmates, who apparently saw this once massively popular piece of technology as a hilarious novelty.

My major mistakes on the internet didn’t occur until I got into middle and high school, and the rise of social media made sure those adolescent mistakes were broadcast to the world. The internet opened up a lot of opportunities to share things with others, some things that should not be known to the public. For example; sophomore year of high school I woke up to a phone call from my godmother and brother asking me why there was a picture of me on Facebook passed out. Turns out one of my lovely, naive friends posted a picture from the first night I ever consumed alcohol. This was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. From this experience, I learned about internet privacy, or the lack thereof.

The internet has also taken on a huge role in the education of today’s youth. I don’t think there is a class I have taken in college where there isn’t an internet access requirement. I actually visited Columbia, Missouri over the weekend for a film festival. Since it was a college town, the entire district had free open wifi. The fact that a city subsidizes internet access proves that internet is so very prevelent today. If you doubt the massive import of the internet, just image a 24 hour, internet free period. No GPS, no Facebook, no texting, no Google, no Netflix. Nothing. How do you think the American public would handle such an event…?


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