Assignment #6

Daniel H. Wilson’s article The Terrifying Truth About New Technology brought to my attention many aspects of new technology that apply to the everyday life of people. From watching my mother and grandmother, I can tell they are very scared of technology, just because they bash it so much. My grandmother thinks her flip phone is broken, when all she has to do is press the power button. She doesn’t keep any numbers in her phone, she still carries around a rolodex. The majority of the time she can work her basic cable TV remote, but get her around a satellite tv and it’s all over. We just hope she doesn’t accidentally get lost on the On Demand screen. In my opinion, this has more to do with her fear of what is going on in the world around her. She’s so old, she says just doesn’t see a point in even trying to learn new technology.

My mother is just the same. About a week ago I had a phone conversation with her trying to explain how to work a USB drive, and, as one might’ve expected, it was an absolute nightmare. She also thought when she bought a new cell phone she would have to make a new Facebook account, because she got a new sim card. There have been countless times when my brother and I have discussed getting her computer literacy lessons at an Apple store (which is apparently a thing now), but she doesn’t want to. I think she is a little embarrassed that she hasn’t adapted to the new technology. But then I take a look at my friends parents, and they are fantastic with computers. They also use computers for work. My mother and grandmother were both worked as hard laborers barely making any money, rarely coming in contact with a computer for work.

Even I find myself confused on how fast children adapt to technology. My friend’s 2 year old can unlock an iPhone and take a picture, just from watching his mom. This seems like an oddity, until you consider that there are countless tablets marketed toward children. I can recall using a computer when I was younger and taking computer class in elementary school, but I don’t remember playing with a cell phone until my brother had a flip phone back in 1998, and they were very simple. While looking at the top 10 new advancements in technology in 2014 (, I already feel out of the loop. That is why it is important me me to use the Social Learning Theory to figure out the various uses of these new technologies. I fear the same thing Wilson does; there will be some point in time when I don’t know how to work technology. It is important that I stay up to date to not end up like my mother or grandmother.


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