Blog Assignment # 4

A good Theory to analyze TV is The Social Learning Theory/ Cognitive Theory. From the beginning of TV to the present and in the future this Theory has applied. When competition arose in the 1930’s between countries producing TV nations were involved because they learned that other nations were more advanced in this technology. By seeing that BBC produced the first successful experimental  TV service, this drove other nations to compete because they learned from Great Britain it could be done. Television was also treated like Radio during this time. Policy enforcers learned from the Radio how to control such mediums, therefore they could apply the same rules from Radio to TV.

Not only has The Social Learning Theory/ Cognitive Theory applied to the development of television in the United States but it also applies to the affects TV has on its audience. People can learn social norms through the television, and influences in general. I will always remember stories my mother has told me about the 1st person in her neighborhood who had a color TV. She said the whole neighborhood would go to their house, and everyone was talking about it. By seeing others have this product, it influenced my mother and the whole neighborhood to purchase one. She also talked about the first time The Beatles were broadcast in America. My Grandpa was enraged by the long haircuts, and new rock and roll. Suddenly, all the men in my mothers generation had long hair and knew about The Beatles. Based upon something they saw on TV, their styles changed, they developed a new way to act. Our social norms are still influenced by the TV today, and will continue in the future. The purchase of how people consume their television is learned through others as well. I can recall the first time I used Netflix at a friends house and was amazed. Soon after that I started using Netflix myself, by observing my friend use it, I just wanted to buy it more. Through word of mouth and watching people, many things became popular like: Cable, VHS, DVD, DVR, and HD TV.  New TV technologies will keep developing, the future will only get more advanced, and people will continue to learn how to act from it.


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