Blog Assignment # 2

The main type of devices I listen to music on is my laptop and phone, I mostly use the subscription-based service Spotify. The majority of the music I listen to is digital audio, but some analog audio has come into play, since my roommate received a record player. Due to the displacement theory and other devices replacing records, vinyls are very affordable and accessible. When I was younger I used to use the illegal file sharing program Limewire to upload music onto my iPod. Now that I have Spotify it has made music a lot easier to download legally. I listen to music throughout the day, while doing homework, showering, cleaning, in the car, and at work. Having mobile music makes this all possible. I listen to music because it is very relaxing, breaks a silence, and I have plenty of options depending on my mood. If I am upset music can make feel better, or if it is a really nice day good music can intensify that feeling.


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