Blog Assignment #1

Communication Technology has impacted my life in an amazing way. I couldn’t image being in college without E-mail or Blackboard. If I have any questions for a professor it will take me about 3 minutes to E-mail them vs. waiting until I get to class. On the other hand I feel as if communication technology has damaged my verbal communication skills. I am not as confidant talking to a professor face-to-face compared to E-mailing them, I see this in a lot of students. Even talking on the phone can give me slight anxiety, much different than older generations who predominately used landlines to communicate. I guess there is a fear of sounding incompetent face-to-face or over the phone, through E-mail I can edit everything I say. This silly anxiety doesn’t take away my fascination for new communication technology though. I am always interested in what the new smart phone can do, my financial situation is the only thing holding me back from finding out.

From communication Technology advancing I see the traditional AM and FM radio dissipating almost completely. AM and FM only deal with “the hits”, while online radio stations can be managed to fit what the listener enjoys. Sort of like the Long Tail Theory. People enjoyed the radio when the only music they heard was “the hits.” Now that the technology has provided niche radio online, people prefer to listen to what they like. All cars come with satellite radio or an aux output, the need for AM and FM is gone. The only people I know who consume radio is my mother and grandmother, and that is because they can’t even work a flip phone. So what happens when their generations are gone? There will be no money in traditional radio, no one will want to be a DJ if there is no audience to talk too. If AM and FM is still around when I am my mother’s age there will most likely only be one station, because no one will listen.


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